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How to add music to the OmniBrain

  • Prepare a micro-SD card (no larger than 32 GB). Create a subfolder /IMRS at the root folder of the micro-SD card. Copy any .mp3 music files to the directory. The OmniBrain App will automatically pick up the files during launch.
  • Go to OmniBrain App – Set the Music toggle button to “ON” and adjust the volume

OmniBrain light and audio not working

Go to OPTIONS -> OMNIBRAIN in the Omnium1 2.0 App or go directly to the OmniBrain App and ensure that the Goggle and Tone/Music switches are turned on and the volume is NOT set to 0%.

music tones

How to turn on/off the notification sound? (Omnium1 2.0 App)

Go to Omnium1 2.0 Application -> App Settings -> Acoustic Alert when application finished: ON/OFF


Omnium1 2.0 or OmniBrain app is running unstable or can not be opened or closed

Go to Settings -> Apps & notification, click on Omnium1 2.0 or OmniBrain (maybe you have to swipe to "All" apps).

Click on "Storage" -> "Clear Data"

Restart the App

How to update the Omnium1 2.0 or OmniBrain App (only Omnium1 2.0)

Before the latest update, the Omnium1 2.0 App or OmniBrain App must be given update permission in the Android settings.

1. Swipe up on the Omnium1 2.0 home screen to see all available programs.
Click on the "Settings" icon


2. Next on "Apps & notifications"


3. Next on "Advanced"


4. Next on "Special app access"


5. In the following window on "Install unknown apps"


6. Now click on the app to which you want to grant the update permission.


7. Activate the update permission.


8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you also want to update the second app (e.g. OmniBrain).

9. Make sure that you have an active connection to the Internet (Wi-Fi).

10. Go back to the home screen and launch the app you want to update.

11a. If an update is available, a message should appear in the main window of the app after a few seconds that a new software version is available.

11b. If no update message appears, please click in the app on "Settings -> About" and then on the button "Check app new version"

12. Click on "Yes".


13. In the window that opens, click on "Install".


The latest version of the app is now installed and can be launched. An active internet connection (Wi-Fi) is no longer necessary.